Like, this is me.Am just an ordinary girl

​Birthed like a normal child

Infant life, nothing so special

I grew like every other lady

But I never remained like every other girl.

Its so interesting to know that most of us can’t actually relate our lives back then to now. We don’t see a difference in us. The life we lived as kids was only brushed up by maturity and not the spirit. There’s a change in a man’s life that doesn’t evolve from him being matured or of age. If it was so, I shouldn’t be better like this. 

Maturity allows you make decisions rightly (to you though). The spirit helps in guiding you wisely, be ye matured or not. There’s a height a man can scale through with the spirit even at a tender age. When men looked at David in the bible as he went to the war front to meet Goliath, to them he was a small lad probably just wanting to catch fun but he had a big God(look at that!) 
God isn’t distant to anyone. He doesn’t mind the age,the class, the status, the height. He can get to you and use you if you would allow him. 

This is me!


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